Company SUP arrangements

Are you looking for an original company activity with your colleagues?
Then choose a company activity on the SUP!

We start with an SUP instruction on the side and then we
all go to the water. We make a magnificent SUP tour through the canals in the city
center of Leeuwarden and conclude with a drink and a group photo. From the city beach
Leeuwarden (Leeuwarder Courant grounds), but another location is also possible in

For a teambuilding activity the SUP sport is very suitable, because you and your team
members are relaxed and active in the open air, on the water. Finding balance on your
board is just like finding a balance at your work and within your team. And SUP is fun!

There are also Arrangements such as SUP & BBQ to book, starting with a SUP Clinic
and finishing with a BBQ on the City Beach Lwd. Or you can start with a lunch and then
SUP through the city center of Leeuwarden; Arrangement SUP & Lunch.

If you want to go on an electric boat with the suppers, this is possible.

What do you wear on the SUP? Easy-fitting sportswear (eg running clothing) with surf-,
gym shoes or if the weather is warm you can SUP on bare feet. In addition, take a towel
and a set of extra clothing (for safety). Changing rooms and showers are available at
the city beach.

Prices on request.

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