SUP Beginners Class

If you also want to get to know the sport of Stand Up Paddling, you should sign up for the SUP Beginners Course of 3 classes.
There is attention for balance and the basic paddling technique. There are as well beautiful SUP tours offered, in and around Leeuwarden.
The SUP beginners classes are suitable for everyone over 15 years with a diploma/certificate in swimming.
Paddle Boarding is also very suitable for recovery from injuries. If you are, for example, not able to do running or if you are often feeling tired, SUP can offer a great solution.

Starting this spring you can join with the SUP Beginners Course of 3 classes. We start in May 2017.


The next SUP Beginners Course starts on:
-Monday 13th May (20th en 27th May)

Time: 7:00 PM – 8.15 PM and location: Stadsstrand Leeuwarden (Sixmastraat 17)

Overige data SUP Beginnerscursus in 2019:
* Monday 3th June, dinsdag 11th June en Monday 17th June
* Monday 24th June, Monday 1th July en Monday 8th July
* Monday 19th August, 26th August en 2th September

SUP Beginners Course of 3 SUP classes: EUR 59,50 (including wetsuit EUR 65,=) and 1 SUP class: EUR 22,=
For students:
One SUP class: €19,= ant three classes: €52,50 (including wetsuit EUR 57,=)

The 3 SUP-classes-card is valid until one year after the issued date.

Do you want to continue with the SUP Follow up training after you finished the SUP Beginners Course? View HIER
for more information.

What do you wear during a SUP class?

It is convenient to wear comfortable sport clothing, with surf- or gym shoes. If the weather is nice, you can also stand on your board barefooted. Always take an additional set of clothing with you and a towel can come in very useful. To stay hydrated it is important to bring a bottle of water.
View the PROGRAMME for all the SUP classes and activities here.

During the SUP Technique and Follow up training, there is more attention to Paddling-technique and, your posture on the board and to improving your endurance and strength. We work on increasing your average SUP speed and we make beautiful tours in and around Leeuwarden.

There are wetsuits for rent for EUR 5,= per class (EUR 3,50 for students) and view the AGENDA for all the SUP classes and other SUP activities HERE.

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