AquaInc Trident carbon paddle 2 pc


De specifieke vorm van het blad maakt het een echte race-peddel en is zowel geschikt voor het maken van een mooie tourtocht als voor de sportieve peddelaar die snelheid wil maken op zijn/haar SUP board. Gemaakt van full carbon.


Programma: Tour en Race
Verstelbaar: 169cm – 220cm
Afmeting: 6.7″
Gewicht: 570 gr
Technologie: full carbon
Blad afmeting: 6’7 met ABS op de rand


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Aqua Inc 100% carbon paddles: Lighter, stiffer, stronger
The new 2021 SUP paddles in both Trident and Driver are high aspect in outline.  Keeping with the proven shape “Driver” and “Trident”  blade profile with the new 100% 3K carbon fibre fabric layup.  Lighter and stiffer so making the Aqua Inc SUP paddles very desirable, not to mention the great look!

Aqua Inc is fast becoming a driving force in the paddle design field for lightweight, efficient construction and the highest performing paddles in their price range. Aqua Inc 100% carbon paddles can cost considerably less than some glass or hybrid paddles on the market.

Trident  blades (similar to the Starboard Bolt) have the trademark trident profile which gives an immediate solid lock for the initial catch  which then allows the paddler to convert 100% of their power stroke into forwards motion with minimum slippage and zero flutter. The Tident 6.7″ paddles are ideal for light to medium weight paddlers in SUP’racing, Sprinting and SUPsurfing allowing for higher cadence to give phenomenal acceleration. These are also great for relaxed cruising.