Meet the SUPSkool

What is Stand Up Paddling?

In short, Stand Up Paddling is moving yourself forward on the water with a paddle, while standing on a board. It is a very fast growing sport in the Netherlands. Stand Up Paddling is beneficial for your health and a lot of fun to do. This, together with its accessibility, makes it suitable for everyone!

Meet SUP Skool Leeuwarden

SUP Skool Leeuwarden is the Stand Up Paddle School from Leeuwarden (the capital of Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands), established in 2013. A lot of different SUP classes are offered, such as the SUP Beginners Classes, SUP Yoga and SUP Technique training. We are a recognized internship company SBB for MBO trainees Sports & Exercise, Sportsinstruction, Training & Coaching (levels 2, 3 and 4).

Beside this, at the SUPSkool you can participate in countless other SUP activities, such as SUP Clinics, Corporate events, SUP Tours and SUP Children’s parties. SUP Skool Leeuwarden also organises SUP events in association with SUP Skool Partners each year. You do not want to miss those!

In collaboration with Rental SUP Leeuwarden, it is possible to do your own SUP tour in the city of Leeuwarden. In this case, it is compulsory to have some SUP experience.

SUP Travel organises SUP trips abroad for beginner- and experienced paddlers.

My name is Tineke Merkus and I am the owner and SUP & Yoga instructor of SUP Skool Leeuwarden. I give all SUP lessons and activities with passion and enthusiasm for the SUP sport!
I live with my family in Leeuwarden and I am a graduate in First Aid, Swimming Rescue, ASI Water Rescue and ASI SUP Instructor Level 1 and Level 2. In addition, I am certified Water Sports Association SUP instructor, Functional Paddling, SUPilates and Paddlefit SUP Instructor.

In 2017 I successfully completed my Yin Yoga Teacher Training and in addition to the SUPSkool I also opened the YogaSkool Leeuwarden. In the YogaSkool we provide Outdoor Yoga and SUP Yoga classes.The SUP Skool Team consists (next to me) of certificated SUP instructor Nina Draisma, Demi Veenstra, Nynke Lijfering and SUPilates instructor Ypie Duursma-Groenewoud.

SUP&Surf Instructor Kai Douma en Rens Merkus. Max Dekker en Bas de Jong from the education CIOS Water sports make the team complete!


Demi Veenstra

Bas de Jong

Nina Draisma

Ypie Duursma

Kai Douma

Rens Merkus

Nynke Lijfering

Max Dekker

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