YogaSkool Leeuwarden


Welcome to YogaSkool Leeuwarden where Natascha van den Bosche and Tineke Merkus
provide Outdoor Yoga and SUP Yoga classes.

In the summer months you can participate in Outdoor SUP Yoga lessen die plaatsvinden op de Tearnzer Wielen (in Zuiderburen) that take place on the
Tearnzer Wielen (in Zuiderburen) and on the Potmarge.

Outdoor Yoga lessons on the mat take place at various locations, which are mentioned in the AGENDA.

We start with these lessons in May 2019.

Information YogaSkool lesson cards:
SUP Yoga lesson EUR 22,=
3x SUP Yoga lesson card for € 59,50

3x Outdoor Yoga lesson card for EUR 35,=
6x Outdoor Yoga lesson card for EUR 66,=
10x Outdoor Yoga lesson card for EUR 95,=

Lesson cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
For a separate Outdoor Yoga class you pay EUR 12,50

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