Mistral M-glide Air 14 x 26 package 2022


Dit sportieve inflatable SUP board is geschikt voor de meer gevorderde peddelaar. The Mistral M-GIide inflatable SUP is een licht en behendig board en toch ook stabiel. Ideaal om langere afstanden mee te suppen en veel snelheid te maken.


  • Lengte: 14’0″ (426)
  • Breedte: 26″ (66)
  • Dikte: 6″ (15,2)
  • Gewicht: 9 kg
  • Volume: 290 liter
  • Max lichaamsgewicht: 100 kg (best performance max. 85 kg)
  • Double skin fusion layer

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The M-Glide, 14’ x 26” x 6” (426cm x 66cm x 15cm) x 280L has a unique inflatable SUP shape incorporating a pin tail line into a squash tail improving speed by reducing drag. Add to this the needle nose shape and you have a speedster capable of hitting high speeds. Whether fast touring, racing in the 14’ division or used as a travelling training companion, the M-Glide delivers speed and long glides. A single Universal Fin Box permits you to fit a race pedigree fin of your choice. Side grab handles for Le Mans starts and front mounted cargo net, bring this racy board together in one neat package. A bow scuff pad protects from shoreline or object impacts. Incorporates DSFL material providing some unique benefits.